Kevin Taylor, president

Kevin Taylor

Kevin has been a leading Puget Sound area real estate developer and investor for more than twenty years. Following his graduation from the Business School at Washington State University in 1993 Kevin returned to Seattle and founded Taylor Development. Kevin immediately excelled in the area of project specific plan analysis. This skill coupled with his core strength in the evaluation of markets immediately put Taylor Development on the path to success. Kevin’s business integrity and resulting reputation, coupled with a remarkable ability to find opportunities, has been the key factor in TDI’s steady growth and success. Kevin has extremely close working relationships with all of the Puget Sound area’s leading development consultants, contractors and builders. These relationships also include those on the financing and brokerage side of the industry. Kevin provides executive level oversight, and day-to-day input at every level, on all Taylor Development projects. Kevin is actively involved in all phases of assessment, acquisition, entitlement, construction, marketing and sales.


Paul Taylor, president of The Taylor Group

Paul Taylor
President of The Taylor Group

Paul founded The Taylor Group in 1985 to oversee and manage the many construction related businesses he owns/operates; these businesses included Red-E Trucking and Red-E Topsoil in Redmond as well as Roof Truss Supply in Woodinville. The Taylor Group has worked closely with Taylor Development since its inception providing support in all capacities. Paul’s contributions, including Principal level input and decision making along with key financial investment, have been and continue to be an essential element of Taylor Development’s success. Born and raised in Kirkland, Paul graduated from Lake Washington High School in 1962. While majoring in Education and playing baseball at Washington State University, Paul met and married Karen Magnussen, herself a Lake Washington graduate and student at Washington State. After graduating from WSU in 1966 Paul stayed in Pullman and attended graduate school while coaching the baseball team through 1967. Upon his return to the Seattle area in 1968 Paul joined Cadman Gravel where he made his ascent to CEO and remained its key executive until the sale of the company in 1991. Paul’s many accomplishments and contributions to the community through those years include: President of the State Association for Concrete and Sand and Gravel, President of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce, Redmond Park Board Member, Youth Sports Coach, Sunday School Teacher, sponsor of Taylor Baseball, and generous contributor to WSU.


Kevin O'Brien

Kevin O’Brien
Chief Operations Officer

Kevin has been involved in the upper level management and physical construction of all types of development projects in the Puget Sound area for thirty plus years. He has held several senior management positions with major construction companies. Kevin is a principal in the real estate development companies. Kevin’s responsibilities include the management of all aspects relating to entitlement and project permitting functions. He is the project manager for all construction-related activities including design, budgeting and construction management. Kevin’s core competency is creating value through his experience, creativity and strategic allocation of leverage in key negotiations.


Chief Financial Officer

Jay joined Taylor Development in 2019 as Chief Financial Officer. As a licensed CPA he worked in public and private accounting for fifteen years prior to joining Taylor. Jay is a principal in the real estate development companies and oversees the administration of the entire Taylor Group family of companies. Jay personally reviews and administers all purchase and sale/transactional agreements for Taylor Development. He also directs the development of the proformas used during project feasibility analysis. On a day-to-day basis Jay tracks all real estate investments and development projects. Jay also manages the financial and legal affairs of the companies, including the formation of entities for each new project and the negotiation and administration of contracts with contractors and suppliers.